Christmas in August

A mere 10 minutes from East Orlando (Waterford Area) we find the small community of Christmas, Florida. This cute little two mile stretch of Highway 50 could be passed in a single sneeze.… Continue reading

Photographic Life: Dockside Relaxation

From time to time I find myself in place that simply mesmerizes me. In this place I find peace, tranquility and most of relaxation. But what brings me to this place? Photography. In… Continue reading

Romantic Magic in Mount Dora

About 50 minutes from the theme park area of Orlando there lies the small and unassuming town of Mount Dora. This sleepy little hamlet is a vacationer’s dream. Full of small town magic… Continue reading

Photo Special: Loving My Blue Feeling

Why this Article: Recently I have had the blues. The blues of the twilight hour can be some of the sweetest photography you can find. It is amazing the shots one can get… Continue reading

Titusville’s Natural Treasures

As a long time resident of Titusville, Florida I can say without a doubt that I love it. I have been able to explore the back roads, main roads and all roads between.… Continue reading