Christmas in August

A mere 10 minutes from East Orlando (Waterford Area) we find the small community of Christmas, Florida. This cute little two mile stretch of Highway 50 could be passed in a single sneeze. But what would you miss if you decided to fly through? A great section of Florida history and the beauty of nature. Fort Christmas is a historical site and can be seen fairly quickly. There are a few exhibits which shows how the settlers of the region lived and how they armed themselves. This fort is not actually in its original location which makes this a very unique site. It is actually a replica of the fort itself. There is a small gift shop where you can get a souvenir or perhaps ask a question or two. Also located here are ‘cracker’ style homes that depict living in the 1800’s. If you happen to have kids you can then cross the parking lot to the Park area with a playground, tennis, basketball courts and of course restrooms. Pavilions are also available for gatherings.

After you have filled your brain with knowledge why not fill your eyes with nature. Orlando Wetlands Park is only a short drive from Fort Christmas; as is Tosohatchee State Park. Unfortunately the Wetlands park does close November 15 through January 31st so be sure to check your trip calendar. Both wetlands and Tosohatchee features a diverse culture of nature and features many of Florida’s prominent species. Those of you inclined might find a lot of information at the Wetlands visitor’s center where volunteers are more than happy to answer questions you may have. You can also see if there are classes or photo workshops while you are in town. The trails are huge and well marked so you should always know where you came from. The landscape is breathtaking and very much how Florida looked before encroachment.

So whether you are traveling with a historian, kids, or nature lovers you can find something to do in the small community of Christmas. Christmas does not have many amenities other than a gas station. If you get hungry there is not much to choose from. My suggestion is to head east to Quillen’s Taco Shack in Titusville. It is a bit of a drive but the food is beyond fantastic! The same goes for lodging though you can find some in Titusville or Waterford. If you choose Titusville, the Casa Coquina Del Mar would be a good choice. This traditional Bed & Breakfast features large rooms and the owners are spectacular! This is also a awesome site to watch rocket launches from. Most of what you find in Waterford are chain hotels all of which seem nice enough. Even when it comes to small communities like Christmas everything is better in Florida!

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Forts Past Midday Snack Fort Christmas Park Fire at the Fort Store House

-Chris Parker

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