Photographic Life: Dockside Relaxation

From time to time I find myself in place that simply mesmerizes me. In this place I find peace, tranquility and most of relaxation. But what brings me to this place? Photography. In this age of rushing, ‘give me now’ attitudes and technological proliferation it can be hard to just remove yourself from it. I have been lucky in that I have found that very thing in technology itself. Being a photographer often times means hours in front of a computer or phone conducting business. But there are fleeting moments when we get to go out into the field and capture the images that drove us to the business in the first place. On the day I speak of I just happened to be at Crackerjack’s in Titusville (again). I came to the realization that the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” really has meaning.

I sat back against a dock pylon, grabbed my remote shutter release and waited for the perfect moment. The sun had been slowly dipping behind a cloud bank and I would soon lose this sunset. I pressed the shutter release and snap, snap, snap; another HDR shot. I had taken about twenty of them and would end up taking twenty more. Right after the snap, snap, snap had finished it hit me. I sank deeper into the pylon and found comfort. I heard, in the background, music playing from the restaurant’s live band. Waves soon joined in harmony with a breeze and settled into my consciousness. I had been wrapped in peace and calm but I had been too busy to notice. This was the perfect night and so I had to capture it to share with you dear readers. I present the first Life of a Photographer video. Hopefully the first of many! Come live with me as I travel through Florida hoping to capture those moments of relaxation that makes this state so famous!

Of course the night would not have been complete without at least one good photograph!
Setting Over Silence
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-Chris Parker

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