Photo Special: Loving My Blue Feeling

Why this Article:

Recently I have had the blues. The blues of the twilight hour can be some of the sweetest photography you can find. It is amazing the shots one can get by simply waiting around after the sun has set. I take part in photography to get images but also to experience life around me. One night when I had finished my photo-walk in Cocoa Village I found myself wondering something. It had not been to long before that I realized how much blue there was in our world. Even something as simple as shadow was completely soaked in blue hues.

So I found myself wondering what would happen if I took a bridge photo when I saw the deep blue of twilight. That is the day I discovered blue hour photography. I had seen it before but it did not register as anything unique. I knew in my mind that it existed. My eyes did see it but my brain simply filtered it as normal. Now as a photographer I realized that what may be normal can still be extraordinary. The hour I speak of really only lasts about 20 minutes and it happens shortly after sunset and before sunrise. A deep blue that masks everything it touches. Now I find that a lot of photos I gravitate to have been set in the blue hour.

What to take during Blue Hour

Blue hour photos seem to work best with very strong lines such as buildings or other architecture. It also helps to have colors or bright lights. One of my better blue hour photos I had gotten to take last night at Melbourne. It is the Osler Medical center and it represents what, to me, makes a blue hour photo special. The lights and color of the building just pop off the accentuated blue waters. I also think that strong clouds really add visual interest to blue hour photos. But to really answer the question “When to take during Blue Hour?” you will have to search for that answer in your photos. I have seen some really good portrait work during the Blue hour so it all depends, like usual, on the photographer.

How to Print Blue Hour

Printing blue hour is just like most other photos, depends on the subject. I find blue hour really prints well on glossy or metallic prints. When I do glossy prints featuring that dark blue I tend to get black foam core as a mount.  Surrounding it with a dark brown (espresso) or true black frame would be a fine addition to anyone’s wall.

Finding your Area’s Blue Hour

When will blue hour happen for you? There are plenty of ways to find this information. The best web-based blue hour timer I have found so far is at As far as mobile devices go I have found that Sun Surveyor Lite for Android and iOS works really well and is free. All of these tools are super easy to use and neither seems to have been off by more than a minute so far!

Love Your Blues

If you have taken blue hour photos or found some really good ones feel free to link to them in the comments! I would love to see everyone’s work. Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you find your blues.

Pictures from the Post

Looking Across I Blue Rush
Osler Medical                        Cocoa Village

-Chris Parker

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