Titusville’s Natural Treasures

As a long time resident of Titusville, Florida I can say without a doubt that I love it. I have been able to explore the back roads, main roads and all roads between. I still find new and fascinating sights all the time. I am sad to say that with the closure of the shuttle program many people have forgotten about us. Our city and surrounding areas are quite a joy to behold. One of our greatest treasures are the hidden gems of nature. At any given time of the year you can find awesome displays of nature’s beauty and wonder here.

One of the best places to find it is at the Enchanted Forest. This place has some amazing chances to encounter nature both plant and animal. If you go during the summer make sure to carry plenty of water with you. They do offer classes and a large display within their museum. They also have a small gift shop located near the main parking lot. There are several tracks to take and each one gives a different view of nature. One of my favorite spots here is the butterfly garden located near the main building. I seen several species of butterfly and even managed to capture one feeding. I also found several stands of sunflowers peeking out toward the midday sun. You might find even more exotic animals such as wildcats wandering the grounds.

Another great location is on highway 50 heading from Titusville towards a small town called Christmas. Between the two towns is a wonderful boat ramp the features a fantastic view of what Florida was. Graceful birds cross the sky, the sun peeks between fluffy clouds and miles of wetlands make up this area. It is quite a sight to behold. I was lucky enough to capture a exquisite sunset here. The oranges, blues and yellows all gathered around the setting sun.

The final piece of nature’s wonder can be found close to US 1 in Titusville. It is the fishing pier found at Crackerjack’s Seafood & Tiki Bar which happens to be a local favorite. The pier found here proffers an amazing view of the Indian River. It happens to be a great place to see the sunset. Here you will spot marine life like manatees and dolphins. You can also catch sight of birds and a wonderful array of water craft. This is Florida at a slower and more relaxed pace. You can also get some great food and live entertainment at Crackerjack’s!

Do not skip by the Veteran’s Memorial Park. There is quite a lot to view here. Veterans and the Space Program are both memorialized here. So much history from Florida here and it is so hard to find the time to see it all.  On your next trip to Florida consider giving Titusville a visit. The main street feeling will fill you with glee. The food you will find will fill you full and the nature will fill your eye.

Everything is better here in Florida

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Crackerjack's Fishing PierCrackerjack's Fishing PierEnchanted ForestEnchanted ForestHighway 50 Boat Ramp
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-Chris Parker

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